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This Advice From a Wise Old Man Has Been Viewed More Than 8,000,000 Times

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You probably haven’t heard of the wise old man Bernard Albertson. But his YouTube channel has more than 440,000 subscribers and his videos have had more than 18 millions views. He passed away in 2019, but his words continue to live on thanks to YouTube and the algorithm that leads many people to his videos.

His most popular video is titled “A old man’s advice” and in it he spends 10 minutes sharing his story and his most important advice for ‘young people.’ His words have resonated with so many, with more than 60,000 comments.

An old man’s advice” has been viewed more than 8,000,000 times:

“When he said “you’re not a failure” I started to cry immediately. I’d just want to thank him for this video,I needed it.”

One of the many YouTube comments

About The Wise Old Man

“I am just a common man, Who loves God and has studied scripture for most of my life. I had a hard start homeless living in a old car on the streets of California. But through the power of the Lord i became saved and had a wonderful life. I lost a wife,daughter,mother,father,sister and son in law. But with the help of God i persevered. God Bless.” – Bernard Albertson’s YouTube Bio

Albertson started writing in 1957 and has several books for sale on Amazon. His most popular book “Copper Penny” is a romantic western set in 1860’s American West.

His final words of advice : “Just remember, never quit. Never quit.”

“for those of us who have had this video show up in their recommendations: we are the chosen ones”

One of the many YouTube comments

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