$100 Conversation with Pro-Blogger Tony Kummer (his website had 6 million visitors last year)

I paid $100 to Tony Kummer to share wisdom about being a pro-blogger. The little website he started in 2007 now gets MILLIONS of unique visitors each year and has become his full-time job.

Tony’s Favorite Blogger

Seth Godin

View Seth’s blog here.

Tony’s Favorite Movie

Master and Commander

Tony’s Wisdom for Bloggers and Content Creators

1. Understand what your audience needs. The goal is to create content that people are actively looking for. You’re blogging for them, not yourself.

2. Understand what you can realistically create right now with what you have and start there.

3. Think about the words normal people use to search for what it is you’re creating when they search on Google. Spend a lot of time searching on Google to get ideas for what words people are actually using. The words and phrases you think they’re using to search are probably different than what normal people are actually typing to search.

4. Be as non-competitive as possible. It’s counter-intuitive, but highlighting other people and helpful resources in your niche will end up helping you, because you’re helping others.

5. Look at stats. Look at Google. Get familiar with where your traffic is coming from and what search terms are bringing people to your site from Google.

6. Be timely. When coronavirus hit, I immediately created resources relating to being quarantined and posted them on my website right away.

7. Always ask yourself “How can I be helpful?”

Tony’s Secret Sauce for Blogging Success

Generosity first.

Smart Google keywords

Tony’s Life Wisdom

I was very idealistic when I was younger, but then that led to extreme guilt as I got older.

I’ve learned that both good and bad in my life today is a result of habits. There are great books like Atomic Habits and The Power of Habit that have helped me incorporate good habits in my life.

My goal is to do something good for 5 minutes everyday.

Everyone should read Proverbs.

Tony’s Story

Before Facebook and Twitter, we had email, message boards, and blogs. I started a blog in college with a few other guys. Then, when I got my first job as a Children’s Minister at Calvary Baptist Church in Madison, Indiana, I had no way to connect with others to get and share ideas. In 2007 I started a website called Ministry-to-Children and posted some VBS theme reviews just for fun. Then, out of nowhere the traffic to my website blew up. I still remember getting my first check for $123 from running ads on my website. That was huge. I began to create content and give it away for free, and I always tried to give my posts titles that normal people were searching for on Google. That was my secret sauce. Today, it’s my full-time job and last year we had more than 6 MILLION unique visitors!

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