11 Tips For Pulling Off a Great Move

tips for moving

Over the years, I’ve probably helped 20-30 people move. After all that experience, I now have strong opinions about what a good move looks like.

If you’re moving and need help, then this post is for you. This can help your move only last 3 hours instead of 3 days.

If you have a friend who is moving, send this post to them in advance. It might save you 8 hours of unnecessary work.

11 Tips for Moving – Asking Friends For Help

1. Timing Is Everything

The best start times for moves are Saturday between 7AM and 9AM.

2. In Person or Phone Call

Texts are easy to ignore and easy to say no to. If you’re serious about getting help make phone calls or ask in person. People don’t want to commit to vague times too. Say something like, “I’m gonna have everything boxed up and ready to go. Should take less than 2 hours.”

3. Timing Is Everything Part 2

Plan ahead. Make your initial asks for help at least 2-3 weeks before your move. Don’t be “that guy or girl” asking for help the night before.

4. Strength In Numbers

Make it a goal to ask at least 12+ people. Assume that you may end up with 6-8 people if you’re lucky. If you can’t find anyone to help, bite the bullet and hire Two Men and a Truck.

5. Address and Meeting Time

Follow up the week before your move with individual texts to each person and let them know the day, time, and address for where to meet and where to park. Don’t forget to give them the gate code or any other important info. ALSO, if it’s a local move, include in the text the address for your new house. People need the address AND there’s usually someone who can’t make it right away and might want to meet at the unloading spot.

6. Group Text

Follow up the night before the move with a group text to everyone confirming the move time and address.

7. Go Big

Always get a larger truck than you think you’ll need. Always. A well-intentioned guy named Carl Kuhl was moving…we told him his truck was too small. He said, “No, it’ll be fine.” We loaded the truck and then he realized it in fact was too small. We had to unpack the truck, he had to return it, and rent a new truck. And, then we had to repack it. All because he wouldn’t listen. Don’t be that guy. Get the bigger truck.

8. Truckin’

If you’re using a moving truck, you should have it ready to go either the night before or at least 2 hours before the move. Check-out lines can take an hour at moving truck places. Reserve your moving truck well in advance. And, ALWAYS get a dolly, cart, and furniture blankets.

9. Stomachs

If you’re doing an AM move, have plenty of hot coffee, caffeinated drinks, and bottled water available for everyone. Breakfast and/or lunch is always a nice gesture. Don’t be cheap.

10. Tetris Master

Listen up. This is important. The very first thing you should do when people start to show up is put one person in charge of packing the truck and make that their only job. All they will do is stay in the truck and arrange everything. You might also have a designated cleaner, to be cleaning while everyone else is moving. This will save a lot of time.

11. Social Cred

Once the truck is packed and/or unloaded, take a picture with everyone in front of your new house (or the moving truck) and post it on Facebook, Tag everyone who helped as a way to publicly thank them and celebrate their teamwork. Deep down, everyone wants to be recognized.

The WORST things you can do when moving are:

  • Not having boxes packed before the move starts
  • Not having boxes packed before the move starts
  • Not having boxes packed before the move starts
  • Not having boxes packed before the move starts
  • Not having boxes packed before the move starts
  • Not having boxes packed before the move starts
  • Not having boxes packed before the move starts
  • Not having boxes packed before the move starts

Are we clear?

BONUS Tips for Moving:

1. If you don’t have more than 3+ people lined up to help you move, do your one or two friends a favor and hire a moving company like Two Men and a Truck. I have used them for several moves when I was in a pinch and it was a stress free experience and relatively inexpensive (for in-town moves).

2. Have a separate box that says DO NOT PACK that includes cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. that you’ll need to use at your place. And, make sure your vacuum cleaner doesn’t get packed in the truck.

3. Make sure you have toilet paper ready to go in your new place on moving day.

4. Take advantage of the help while you have it. Get things placed where you want them. Get boxes put in the right rooms. This will save a ton of time later.

5. Church is the best place to find help moving. I actually love helping people from church move. It’s always a great way to meet new people and make new friends. No one ever forgets who helped them move… Ask your pastor or someone with a good network if they would be willing to help you find some people.

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Good luck with your move!

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