Soft White Underbelly Single Handedly Created a TED Talk For Outcasts

soft white underbelly

I got annoyed seeing a homeless person outside of Walmart asking for money. This is a common occurrence in Las Vegas. But, this time was different. I had my own “Karen” moment and for a split second wanted to ask the manager to quit letting homeless people hang around by the exits.

But…I knew something wasn’t right in my heart. It really disturbed me. Why didn’t I have an ounce of empathy for people in need? So I prayed specifically for empathy. Something I don’t recall ever doing before. I really wanted to have love in my heart…especially for the outcasts in our society.

Then…suddenly these videos popped up on YouTube. And, that changed everything.

Meet Mark Laita

Two years ago advertising photogapher Mark Laita began quietly uploading unique videos to YouTube.

He named his YouTube channel Soft White Underbelly.  The name is inspired by Winston Churchill’s use of the phrase referring to attacking Germany through Italy, meaning that was the most vulnerable spot.  

“I spent most of my career doing advertising work.  Helping wealthy corporations become even wealthier.  I realized that was my legacy.  I didn’t feel comfortable with that.  So I wanted to do something that mattered more in the world.” 

Mark Laita

“These videos are meant to create awareness of things that are broken in our country.  If we don’t look at some of these things they’re just gonna continue to grow and get worse and worse.  And i believe listening, understanding, accepting and maybe deciding to do something differently might make a difference. I just find listening to these talks like a crash course in empathy.  I used to look at homeless people and go why don’t they just get a job?  Now after hearing all these stories I realize what these people have gone through,” Laita explains.

Soft White Underbelly Has 300+ Million Views

Laita’s interviews are unique. He simply lets people share their stories with no judgement. His style and tone struck a chord. His interviews have now been viewed nearly 400 million times.

Basically you’ve single handedly created a TED Talk for the outcasts. Tremendous respect to you for getting these stories out to the world, and of course to every individual who’ve candidly shared their life-story on this channel. Thank you Mark!

This channel was a rebirth for my sense of empathy

I like the fact he takes a back seat in these interviews. No interrupting, no judging etc.

YouTube Comments

Soft White Underbelly is captivating because of the way it humanizes those who have society’s stamp of condemnation on them. It demonstrates that no matter how far apart we are, we are really not that different,” blogger Breanna Robinson explains.

Laita interviews pimps, prostitutes, drug addicts, criminals, runaways, many of whom are homeless.

If you need a rebirth of empathy in YOUR life…Soft White UnderBelly is worth checking out.

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