3 Secrets for Getting Fat – How Joel Reed Became 467lbs

Joel Reed Weight Loss

Hi.  My name is Joel.  At my heaviest I was 467 lbs.

When people see my before and after pictures they immediately want to know what I did to lose all the weight.  But, really they’re asking the wrong question.  The real question is “What bad habits lead someone to being 400+ lbs.”  Undoing these bad habits is how I lost the weight.  Everything else was just details.

3 Secrets For Getting Fat

1. Become a Food Addict

Make food the answer to all your problems.  Turn to food for pleasure.  Turn to food to numb your pain.  Turn to food to escape boredom.  Use food as an antidepressant.  Use food as a way to celebrate everything.  Eat for any reason other than fueling your body.  Make it a goal to always overeat, never under-eat.  And, no matter how sick, bloated, or stuffed you feel…keep eating regardless of the consequences.

2. Never Cook For Yourself

Eat out as much as possible.  And, if you eat at home, make sure you only eat take-out and delivery from only your favorite restaurants.  Fried food is preferable.  Get extra sauce if you can.  And, always get the large.  It’s helpful if your refrigerator doesn’t have any fresh food and that your cupboards are bare.  Plus, I’ve found that if you keep yourself busy, it makes it easy to justify getting takeout every night of the week.

3. Keep Trying to Lose Weight

Try as many diets as you can.  The quicker you can lose the weight the better.  And, make sure you do cardio exercise as much as possible while restricting your calories.  That tends to slow down your metabolism.  This will help you gain even more weight back when you stop the diet.  Another key is always finding diets that are unsustainable for more than a week or two.  This will cause you to binge and restrict, and is another great way to gain weight.  If you can keep yourself in a constant state of “trying to lose weight” it will help you get big.

That’s it.  Those are the secrets to becoming the biggest version of yourself.  

My Story

Me and my mom

When I was 10 years old I lost my father.  Food became something I turned to for comfort. At that same time, my mother was diagnosed with cancer that gradually spread all over her body, making it difficult for us to go out.  This lead to me to indulging in takeout and delivery food.  When I was 15, I lost my mom.  I was now orphaned and had to live with family friends.  This led me to turn to food even more. At my heaviest I was 467 lbs. I tried to put up a front that I was happy, but I wasn’t.  I was extremely depressed, but too proud to seek help about it.  When I moved to North Carolina for college, I decided to re-invent myself.  I really saw that move as a fresh start for my life. 

I lost half my body weight, around 230lbs. The hardest part of my weight loss journey was actually breaking my old habits.  I could tell you all the tips and tricks I did to lose weight, but no amount of hydration, grilled chicken and vegetables, weight lifting, or food journaling is going to undo your bad habits. That’s really the key to actually losing weight.  The rest is just details. 

You Probably Don’t Recognize Ethan Suplee

You know who Ethan Suplee is, but you probably don’t recognize him because he’s lost so much weight. He explains the idea of shedding bad habits really well.

(NSFW Video / Excuse the Language).

More Than Words

Did you know Vin Diesel was paid up to $54.5 MILLION dollars to play the part of Groot in the hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy?

For those who are not familiar with the movie, Vin Diesel’s character only says three unique words in the entire movie. “I am Groot.”   The first thing most people think is “What!? I could have done that!”  What they fail to see are all the years Diesel spent working as an actor to get to the A-list.  

Weight loss is really only 4 words: calories in, calories out. But like, “I Am Groot” there’s much more to it than just the words. Chances are, there’s a few key bad habits that need to be broken.

Unsolicited Advice submitted to Stuff Christians Know by Joel Reed.

Joel Reed lives in North Carolina with his wife Katlin. He lost 235lbs naturally and spends his nights talking on the phone with clients around the United States who have hired him as a weight loss coach through My Body Tutor. You can read more about his weight loss journey here.

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