11 Crazy Predictions for 2022

predictions for 2022

I make predictions in my spare time. It’s not a joke. It’s not satire. This actually helps me become a better investor and better at recognizing patterns.

In 2016, I predicted the Cubs world series win and the Trump Presidency. In more recent days, I predicted the Las Vegas buffet closures, and mandatory Covid vaccines.

I’m a huge fan of social psychologist Sheldon Solomon. His work in the area of identifying and overcoming our natural tendency to fear death and default to terror management has helped me have a better imagination about the future. When I made my Covid predictions people called me every name in the book. They said I was crazy. They said my predictions would never happen in a million years. And, then they slowly all came true.

Predictions for 2022

1. Facebook Horizon Workrooms

Facebook’s virtual reality Horizon Workrooms will be a flop. Despite the hype, you probably won’t be attending your 2022 meetings using a VR headset. Add the Facebook Raybans to this list as well.

2. Robinhood

Despite a major correction for the stock market, Robinhood will continue to expand their operations and will see their stock price double in 2022.

3. President Kamala

Kamala Harris will take over the presidency from Joe Biden due to health complications, becoming the first female President of the United States.

4. COVID 2023+

Dr. Fauci says the Covid pandemic could possibly end by spring 2022. I believe this is false and that Covid isn’t going away anytime soon. Covid will be around well into 2023 and possibly forever, similar to the flu.

5. No Return

“Things” will never return to the way they were before. Expect “things” to continue to change at an even more rapid pace in 2022. Rules and regulations will continue to encroach on personal freedoms. Nothing can change this.

6. Cybertruck

The general public will not be able to own a Tesla Cybertruck in 2022 due to continued production delays and chip shortages.

7. Spotify’s Joe Rogan Podcast

Alex Jones will not appear on Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2022.

8. Cruise Complications

Cruises will continue to be delayed well into 2022. I don’t foresee the cruise industry returning to business as usual until 2024 at the earliest. These of some of the logistical complications I foresee trying to put 3,000+ people in a confined space for 7 days:

  • Who wants to wear a mask on vacation?
  • Will vaccines be required? What happens if I misplace my vaccine card?
  • Will a negative test be required to board? If so, what happens if you’re positive? Do you get a refund? And, how do you get tested and verify the results before the cruise?
  • Have you ever waited for an elevator on a cruise? Now imagine that with social distancing. How long is that wait…30 minutes? 45 minutes?
  • If there are almost no hospital beds in the US, how few would there be on a cruise? How many doctors will be onboard? What happens if you get sick on a tour? Do you go on the boat, or stay in the foreign country? How do you then get home if you are seriously ill?
  • How will they fit 2 years worth of bookings into 3 months for all the people wanting to immediately use their cruise credits, along with all the other people who want to take their first cruise?
  • Wouldn’t taking 3,000 people from various places in the United States and schlepping them to mingle with each other and then with people in 3 or 4 other countries and then returning them to their homes throughout the US be a bad idea in the middle of a worldwide pandemic?

I used to work for Norwegian Cruise Lines. No one works harder than the people on cruise ships. My heart goes out to them…they’re some of the finest people I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I’m wishing for their return sooner than later and hoping for a renewed interest in cruising…I hope there’s a boom in cruising and that it will be a great recovery story.

9. Digital Currency

The Federal Reserve will continue planning a digital currency for the United States to be rolled out in the coming years. Between 2022 and 2023, I foresee a painful financial crisis which will help be a catalyst for moving to a digital system.

10. Chip Implants

Chip implants will continue to gain traction in 2022. In the coming years, they will be mandatory for all Americans who want to take part in society. They will first be used for health…and then eventually financial purposes.

11. Betty White

Betty White will celebrate her 100th birthday in 2022.

predictions for 2022

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