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Peter Thiel’s Famous Interview Question, A Great Mental Exercise for Investing

Peter Thiel's Famous Interview Question

Peter Thiel’s famous interview question is a great mental exercise for investing. Most times in life you have to think different if you want to be successful. Here’s the question:

“What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”

This is a great question because it highlights the reality that most people think their views are “heretical when they are in fact mainstream.” The truth is that most people hold conventional opinions. And, most people don’t think for themselves. You can read more about why this question is so great here. Thiel explains this in his book Zero to One, that is geared for startups and entrepreneurs.

I accepted the challenge of answering this daunting question. At first, all the truths I came up with weren’t really heretical. I found this out by asking my friends what they thought about my “truths.” I repeated this process until my friends would say, “You believe WHAT?!” Or, they would say, “Um you’re gonna have to explain that!” Then I knew I was on the right track…my answers are below. Don’t hate me.

Peter Thiel’s Famous Interview Question“What important truth do very few people agree with you on?”

14. Christians Should Stop Sending Money To Haiti.

13. Miracles Are Irrelevant After 6 Months

Peter Thiel's Famous Interview Question

Explanation: Quite often we think or say things like, “If only God would show me a miracle, I would REALLY believe.” Reality suggests that the effect of the ‘miracle’ on your life would wear off sometime within six months. Jordan Peterson explains this psychological phenomenon in one of his Biblical lectures. No matter how magnificent or miraculous something appears to be, in 6 months people forget. As a child, I was always confounded by the story of Exodus. I thought to myself, “How do you go from God parting the Red Sea for your survival to openly worshipping idols?” This mystery has now been solved. The miracle saved their life, but after a few months they had moved on. And, we are no different today.

12. Giving Your Child an iPhone is the Scariest Thing You Will Ever Do As a Parent

11. High School Graduation Parties Are For the Parents, Not the Child

10. We Celebrate Things Because They Are Sad

9. You’re No Better Than Mark Driscoll

8. Intellect Is Your Biggest Enemy, Instinct Is Your Best Friend

7. All Financially Successful Movies Must Have a Special Vehicle or Mode of Transportation

6. You Shouldn’t Have to Clean Gym Equipment After You Use It. If You Want Your Gym Equipment Clean, You Should Be the One to Clean It Before You Use It.

5. Jesus Wasn’t Thinking About You On the Cross

4. All Natural Food Is Bland

2. David Copperfield Isn’t Famous For Doing Magic Tricks

1. No One Cares About Drone Footage.

How did I do? If you offended, then I succeeded at the challenge.

Leave a comment with some of your own unpopular opinions.

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