14 Annoying Things Everyone Needs to Stop Doing on Facebook in 2022

annoying Facebook posts

Hint: if you’re reading this article, someone has shared this on Facebook as a subtle way of telling you to stop doing at least one of these annoying things.  Do us all a favor and cut it out. Then, share it with your friends and help make the world of Facebook a better place.

14 Annoying Things To Stop on Facebook in 2022

1. Sharing Your New Sexual Identity With The Entire World

Karen, you’re 38 years old. No one cares, honestly. Go live your life.

2. Announcing your FB Account Might Have Been Hacked

You’re old. We understand.

3. Joining Facebook Groups to Rage Against Your College

Bro, you graduated 22 years ago. Move on.

4. Tagging Every Person You’ve Ever Met on a Post About Your Child’s Fundraiser.

I’ll give you $20 to never ask me for money again.

5. Commenting On Stupid “What Street Did You Grow Up On” Posts

Congratulations on becoming an asset for Russian hackers.

6. Posting Quotes Without Context.

You’re an amazing leader. We get it.

7. Sharing Pictures Of Your Wife and Telling Us How Hot She Is.

She’s a solid 6. Good job.

Why are you sharing a news story about crop circles in Argentina?

9. Donating Your Birthday to Charity.

Pump the brakes.

10. Posting That You’re Going On a 10-Mile Run.

We all know you’re having an affair. Settle down.

11. Song by Song Updates From the Concert You’re Attending.

Enjoy the show and put your phone away.

12. Leaving the Comment “Let’s hang out soon” On Someone’s Page.

We’re never hanging out.

13. Changing Your Name To Something Other Than The Name That We’ve Known You By For 28 Years

We get it. You don’t want your ex to find you.  Block them and move on.

14. Telling People You’re Leaving Facebook.  

We know you’ll be back next week.

What did I miss? Leave a comment below with anything else that annoys you on Facebook.

BONUS: My Practical Wisdom for Using Facebook

I recently read the book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World and another book about getting free from digital addiction.

They both explain the importance of  identifying the specific purpose of each website, app, or social media tool you’re using.  It’s when these lines get blurred, that digital addiction starts to take over.

These are the things that Facebook was intended for:

  • Posting photos of YOU
  • Sharing news about YOU
  • Sharing things that YOU have created
  • Sharing things that YOU have done
  • Sharing things that YOU are doing to make the world a better place


  • Seeing photos of YOUR friends
  • Seeing news from YOUR friends
  • Seeing things YOUR friends have created
  • Seeing things YOUR friends have done
  • Seeing things that YOUR friends are doing to make the world a better place

Notice what’s not on that list?

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