Updated News About Microchip Implants in Humans

microchip implants in humans

I’m updating this post every week with updated news about microchip implants in humans. See below for a listing of stories by dates.

In February of 2020, if I had predicted that you would be required to wear a mask, get a vaccine, and not allowed within 6 feet of anyone at Trader Joe’s you would have said there is absolutely 0% chance of that happening.

But, here we are.

When will we be required to get a microchip implant?

Don’t roll your eyes just yet. This isn’t crazy talk, or conspiracy stuff, or political. It’s not even a religious question (though I will post a separate article about that in the coming weeks).

The question is simply – when?

This article is only devoted to highlighting recent news stories about microchips in humans for the purpose of tracking news and developments for this technology as it progresses. I am updating this post every month.

(NOTE: People have scoffed at my prediction. But, I would point out that this technology already exists, and has the potential to be helpful for vaccine tracking, travel, healthcare, finance, population tracking, buying and selling, among many other uses. I have also predicted for several years that the only way for something like this to be adopted in the mainstream is by some health crisis. Pressure is now shifting for countries to work together to come up with a new system to prevent a future of perpetual crisis. I believe that microchips are now inevitable.)

September 12, 2021

August 12, 2021

Fact Check: U.S. Government Is Developing a Microchip to Detect Covid at Pentagon

June 3, 2021

Putting Microchips in Vaccines is a Terrible Idea, When You Think About It

April 27, 2021

Another State Bans Employers Microchipping Workers

April 16, 2021

Pentagon Team Reveals Covid-19 Detecting Chip That Can Be Implanted in the Body

April 12, 2021

DARPA Displays Human Implant Microchip that Can Detect Viruses

August 6, 2020

The Dangers of Microchip Implants

August 5, 2020

South Korea Planning for Contact Free Future

microchip implants in humans

August 3, 2020

Singapore Using Wearable Tracking Devices to Enforce Quarantine

August 1, 2020

Americans Won’t Have Microchips Implanted By End of 2020?

July 28, 2020

China Mandates All Dogs in Shenzhen to Get Microchipped

July 24, 2020

Could Microchipped Employees Become the Future of the Workplace

July 10, 2020

Elon Musk Plans Brain Implants

July 8, 2020

They Want to Put Chips Inside Us – Kanye West

June 29, 2020

Michigan Passes Law Making It Illegal for Companies to Force Implanted Microchips

June, 2020

By the End of the Year All Americans Will Receive a Microchip Implant?

May 12, 2020

Will Microchip Implants be the Next Big Thing in Europe

Will A Microchip Implant Will Come With Coronavirus Vaccines?

April 16, 2020

‘Grave concerns’ about Covid-19 immunity passports

Airlines conducts COVID-19 blood tests on passengers

April 14, 2020

‘They’re preparing people for microchip implants’: Tennis legend Marat Safin shares coronavirus conspiracy theory

April 13, 2020:

Roger Stone: Bill Gates may have created coronavirus to microchip people

April 10, 2020

The Big Reveal: US Navy, Ripple and ‘?’

April 9, 2020

Human Microchipping: Would you consider having an implant in your hand?

April 8, 2020

Coronavirus: Biometric IDs could be ‘gamechanger’ for tests, vaccines

Anthony Fauci sets stage for mandatory — lucrative! — vaccine

April 7, 2020

Kushner’s team seeks national coronavirus surveillance system

15 tweets with the craziest coronavirus conspiracy theories

Regaining Control of Technology One Microchip at a Time

April 1, 2020

microchip implants in humans

Bill Gates Calls for a “Digital Certificate” to Identify Who Received COVID-19 Vaccine

March 31, 2020

False claim: Bill Gates planning to use microchip implants to fight coronavirus

March 28, 2020

Are Implants Part of Your Future? As Governments and Bill Gates Seek to Kill Two Birds With One Stone – ID and Coronavirus Tracking

March 27, 2020

Not A Hoax: Bill Gates Wants To Implant Microchips In You To Fight The Coronavirus

March 26, 2020


February 5, 2020

Iowa businesses couldn’t require microchip implants for employees under Iowa House bill:

November 8, 2019

The rise of microchipping: are we ready for technology to get under the skin?

September 21, 2018

Why You’re Probably Getting a Microchip Implant Someday

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