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David Mamet’s 17 Second Secret to Creative Success

david mamet secret to creative success

In the future…

There are mind-readers.

Time travel is also discovered.

The mind-readers are essential to making the time travel process work.

The role of mind-reader is now a prized profession and becomes everyone’s dream job.

The mind-readers setup a school and start taking applications.

There are over 1,000 people in line to fill out the mind-reader application on the first day.

The mind-readers look down at the large crowd and think to themselves:

“If you can hear me I want you to leave the line, go over to the gate on your left that says ‘No Admittance.’  Now walk through that gate.”

Credit: thanks to Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, film director, screenwriter, and author David Mamet for sharing this story from Alfred Bester’s book The Demolished Man, during the conclusion of his Masterclass about Dramatic Writing.

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